50 Ejemplos De Adjetivos Comparativos Y Superlativos En Inglés

Si estás aprendiendo inglés, es importante saber cómo establecer diferencias. Conoce la función de los adjetivos comparativos y superlativos a través de fáciles ejemplos para entenderlo mejor.

Previamente, vamos a definirlos de la manera más sencilla posible:

  • Los adjetivos comparativos expresan inferioridad, igualdad o superioridad.
  • Los adjetivos superlativos denotan el grado más alto.

Ejemplos de adjetivos comparativos y superlativos

A continuación, tendrás 50 adjetivos a los cuales aplicaremos una frase usando su estructura según corresponda.

  1. Adjetivo: Bad (Malo)
  2. Comparativo: George thinks Baseball is worse than Football

    Superlativo: George is the worst Baseball player

  3. Adjetivo: Big (Grande)
  4. Comparativo: A bear is bigger than a dog

    Superlativo: Dogs are the biggest domestic animals

  5. Adjetivo: Brave (valiente)
  6. Comparativo: I want to be braver than a firefighter.

    Superlativo: I think becoming a firefighter is the bravest option.

  7. Adjetivo: Brief (Breve)
  8. Comparativo: The teacher told me to do a briefer essay.

    Superlativo: Maria has got an A because she did the briefest essay.

  9. Adjetivo: Busy (ocupado)
  10. Comparativo: I can do it, maybe he is busier than me.

    Superlativo: Among his coworkers, Geremy was the busiest developer.

  11. Adjetivo: Calm (tranquilo)
  12. Comparativo: My dog is calmer than yours.

    Superlativo: I would love my dog to be the calmest pet, but he’s not.

  13. Adjetivo: Cheap (Barato/Económico)
  14. Comparativo: Nokia has cheaper smartphones than Apple.

    Superlativo: My boss will never have the cheapest car.

  15. Adjetivo: Close (Cerca/Cercano)
  16. Comparativo:  My house is closer to the gym than yours.

    Superlativo: They used to be the closest friends.

  17. Adjetivo: Cold (Frío)
  18. Comparativo: Please, bring another beer. I want it colder.

    Superlativo: Alaska is one of the coldest places to live.

  19. Adjetivo: Crazy (Loco/a)
  20. Comparativo: Mariana is crazier than me.

    Superlativo: Maybe Mariana is the craziest girl.

  21. Adjetivo: Creepy (Espeluznante/Repugnante)
  22. Comparativo: The way back home was creepier than the last time.

    Superlativo: I think that is the creepiest movie I’ve ever seen.

  23. Adjetivo: Deep (Profundo)
  24. Comparativo:  They had to go deeper to found it.

    Superlativo: Juan came out with the deepest thought.

  25. Adjetivo: Dumb (Tonto)
  26. Comparativo: He was dumber than a clown.

    Superlativo: He used to do the dumbest actions.

  27. Adjetivo: Early (Temprano)
  28. Comparativo: I used to get home earlier than you.

    Superlativo: My wife was the earliest worker to attend the office.

  29. Adjetivo: Easy (Fácil)
  30. Comparativo: These examples are easier than Wikipedia’s.

    Superlativo: 6 Easiest ways to get rid of debts.

  31. Adjetivo: Fast (Rápido)
  32. Comparativo: I couldn’t arrive faster, I ran out of gas.

    Superlativo: My uncle has the fastest cars.

  33. Adjetivo: Fat (Gordo)
  34. Comparativo: That grey cat is fatter than the white one.

    Superlativo: The grey cat is the fattest cat.

  35. Adjetivo: Funny (Gracioso)
  36. Comparativo: Ellen Degeneres is funnier than Jimmy Fallon.

    Superlativo: Led Varela is the funniest comedian of Venezuela.

  37. Adjetivo: Good (Bueno)
  38. Comparativo:  Eat it, so you can feel better.

    Superlativo: Having pets is the best!

  39. Adjetivo: Happy (Feliz/alegre/contento)
  40. Comparativo: I may feel happier if you take the trash out.

    Superlativo: She was then, the world’s happiest woman.

  41. Adjetivo: Hard (Duro/difícil)
  42. Comparativo: She was harder to get.

    Superlativo: That might be the hardest decision I’ve ever made.

  43. Adjetivo: Healthy (Sano)
  44. Comparativo: You must eat healthier food.

    Superlativo: Go to a nutritionist so she/he can give you the healthiest diet.

  45. Adjetivo: Heavy (Pesado, fuerte)
  46. Comparativo:  That’s a heavier problem for you.

    Superlativo: They are the heaviest people from the United States.

  47. Adjetivo: High (Alto/elevado)
  48. Comparativo: I can pitch higher notes.

    Superlativo: Monica climbed the highest mountain.

  49. Adjetivo: Hot (Caliente/caluroso/picante)
  50. Comparativo: This coffee is hotter than yours.

    Superlativo: Last year we had the hottest season.

  51. Adjetivo: Kind (Amable)
  52. Comparativo: You should speak to her kinder.

    Superlativo:  He was not the kindest person ever.

  53. Adjetivo: Lazy (Flojo, perezoso)
  54. Comparativo: Manolo was lazier than his brother.

    Superlativo: I think I’m the laziest guy.

  55. Adjetivo: Lonely (Solitario)
  56. Comparativo:  He was lonelier than Justin Bieber.

    Superlativo: She has no friends, so she’s loneliest.

  57. Adjetivo: Long (Largo)
  58. Comparativo: The queue is longer than before.

    Superlativo: Go and get the longest niddle.

  59. Adjetivo: Lovely (Precioso)
  60. Comparativo:  Barbara had lovelier lips than Tania.

    Superlativo: Diamonds are the loveliest women’s friend.

  61. Adjetivo: Low (Bajo)
  62. Comparativo: Beatrice colesterol levels were lower this time.

    Superlativo: This is not the lowest price.

  63. Adjetivo: Old (viejo)
  64. Comparativo: You must be older to get permission.

    Superlativo: He is our oldest son, Brian.

  65. Adjetivo: Pretty (Bonito)
  66. Comparativo: She’s prettier than me.

    Superlativo: Although, she’s not the prettiest girl in the room.

  67. Adjetivo: Quick (Rápido)
  68. Comparativo: Let’s go quicker!

    Superlativo: They were the quickest and arrived first.

  69. Adjetivo: Rich (Rico)
  70. Comparativo:  Elon is richer than Bill Gates.

    Superlativo: Elon Musk is now the richest man

  71. Adjetivo: Risky (Riesgoso)
  72. Comparativo: Going out at night has become a riskier option.

    Superlativo: Staying in will never be the riskiest idea.

  73. Adjetivo: Rude (Rudo/grosero)
  74. Comparativo:  Your boyfriend is ruder than your ex.

    Superlativo: That’s the rudest way to play.

  75. Adjetivo: Sad (triste)
  76. Comparativo: Being alone on Valentine’s Day can’t be any sadder.

    Superlativo: Her favorite song is the saddest one.

  77. Adjetivo: Scary (espantoso/terrorífico)
  78. Comparativo:  The way he looked at me was scarier than he thinks it was.

    Superlativo: Running out of toilet paper is the scariest moment!

  79. Adjetivo: Smart (Inteligente)
  80. Comparativo: I want to be smarter, so I can make good decisions.

    Superlativo: He’s the smartest kid in the classroom.

  81. Adjetivo: Spicy (Picante)
  82. Comparativo: That meat could be spicier and voilà!

    Superlativo: I prefer the spiciest peppers.

  83. Adjetivo: Strange (Extraño/desconocido)
  84. Comparativo: A stranger guy knocked my door, but didn’t say hello.

    Superlativo: It was the strangest way to meet someone.

  85. Adjetivo: Strong (Fuerte/sólido)
  86. Comparativo: I can be stronger than before.

    Superlativo: My mom is the strongest woman I’ve ever met.

  87. Adjetivo: New (Nuevo)
  88. Comparativo: This car is newer than that one.

    Superlativo: The Lamborghini is the newest on here.

  89. Adjetivo: Angry (Molesto)
  90. Comparativo: He has got angrier than Angry Birds.

    Superlativo: When I came in, Mathias become the angriest man on earth.

  91. Adjetivo: Sweet (Dulce)
  92. Comparativo: I’m in the mood for something sweeter.

    Superlativo: That child has the sweetest smile.

  93. Adjetivo: Tasty (Rico)
  94. Comparativo:  Cinarrolls are tastier than cookies.

    Superlativo: This is the tastiest pasta we’ve ever eaten.

  95. Adjetivo: Thin (Delgado)
  96. Comparativo: Margarita wasn’t thinner than Elizabeth.

    Superlativo: The tanned dancer was the thinnest one.

  97. Adjetivo: Wild (Salvaje)
  98. Comparativo: My hair got wilder today.

    Superlativo: Those are the wildest reasons to start a fight.

  99. Adjetivo: Young (Joven)

Comparativo: Just remember when you were younger.

Superlativo: Mariana is my youngest child.

Fórmulas del adjetivo

Existen reglas para formar el comparativo y superlativo.

  • A los adjetivos monosílabos se añade ‘’-er‘’ y ‘’-est‘’

Smart – Smarter – Smartest

  • Adjetivos monosílabos que terminan en ‘’e‘’:

Nice – Nicer – Nicest

  • Adjetivos monosílabos formados por consonante + vocal + consonante, se duplica la última consonante y se añade ‘’-er‘’ y ‘’-est‘’.

Hot – Hotter – Hottest

  • Adjetivos bisílabos que terminan en ‘’y‘’:

Sunny – Sunnier – Sunniest

  • Para adjetivos de dos o más silabas

Comparativo: anteponemos ‘’more‘’ o ‘’less‘’ y pospone ‘’than‘’

More difficult / less difficult

Superlativo: anteponemos ‘’the most‘’/“the least‘’.

The most difficult / the least difficult.

  • Excepciones

Adjetivo – Comparativo – Superlativo

Good – better – best

Bad – worse – worst